(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Good Was My Love

Too good was my love for you.
Too good you 'had' to play,
Cloak and dagger games.
Which made no sense...
But you played them just the same.
You wouldn't stop.
Even when I said,
Too much of your mystery...
Would leave our love dead in bed!
That happened!
Too good was my love!
Too good you thought it was there to abuse!
To use as you wish,
Until I lost it for you!
And now that it is gone...
You believe it can be wished back!
Too good was my love for you.
And so was I.
That came from 'me'.
It was just for you.
Why did you think someone else,
Could do for you,
What I could only do!
Too could was my love for you.
It's over.
It's done.
There is no more for you,
It's true.
To leave me confused!
And too good it was then,
Now it has left us both to lose!
Diffused to hunt and scatter.

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