(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Grateful To Want Time To Stand Still

I've had a wealth of experiences from which to select.
If ever I decide to quit and sit in blissful reminiscing...
I would miss so much!

But like a blooming that is done until the procedure is over...
I have yet to become idled to wish for a pleasant revisit.
I do my best when the opportunity presents itself,
To taste and absorb those moments as they are!
When they come as they do.

With a deep breath I am blessed to inhale.
Exhaling but keeping inside the view.
Moving to explore a mind unleashed.
As other revelations real enough to touch...
Solicits the attention I give!
And I am too grateful to want time to stand still.

Tomorrow sunrise lifts...
As dawn with the dew takes its time to disappear.
And I wish to witness every bit of it as it unfolds!

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