(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Happy To Fit A Bitterness Into My Schedule

Never once,
Did I suggest, hint or insinuate...
Your way of life and outlook,
Was a prefabrication.
You knew my beliefs were different.
And we did not let that become between us,
As friends.

But of late,
You have become more irate.
And you seem to be annoyed,
I am not expressing disappointment...
That you are struggling,
To keep your head above water.

When I faced obstacles on my chosen path.
You laughed.
Expressing no empathy at all.
In fact,
You and your 'friends'...
Would wine and dine,
And socialize without end.
If fact,
You had more time with them to spend.

You then would ignore my calls,
When I needed your company...
As a friend to another.
To say something to me,
In the support of keeping me from not feeling...
Completely lonely.
And this is what you said...
'You made that bed,
Now lay in it by yourself.'

You made that bed,
Now lay in it by yourself.
You should be comfortable with those words.
But then,
To them I would add...
~Where are those 'friends'?
The ones you chose over me? ~

Am I harborng a bit of bitterness?
Just stating to you what I know to be true.
I'm too happy to fit a bitterness into my schedule.

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