(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too High And Mighty

As theories injected often happen.
You're too high and mighty,
To cast a kite to fly.
Or witness the rising of your own balloon.

From your point of view,
You're too good to row your own boat.
Or float beside it unprovoked.
Who knows what motivates you.

Perhaps you are just too high and mighty,
To accept that you are aloof.
As theories injected often reveal 'some' truths.
And just perhaps you think of yourself,
As being too smoothe.
And just too cool to do what others choose.

And laying on your back,
Being critical of others with judgements passed to attack...
You would rather leave to be discovered,
As not a choice you have made.
But more of an obligation you are committed to.
And will do this as often as you can expose it to be displayed.

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