(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Honest And Inappropriate

Those who lie rely on it done.
And those who deny they lie but do,
Depend and rely upon disbelievers to deceive.
Leaving the ones who speak the truth,
Accused of being too honest and inappropriate.
When evidence used is produced.
That publicly begins to offend,
Those who have lied on them to tell others.
Others who have also been made to believe,
Dishonesty to reveal publicly...
Is a reason to defend against.
If it affects the lives of those who lie...
Relying on it done to do to excuse.
With empathy to rely upon to get.
Received from those of political,
And religious hypocrisies!

"This is neither the right time or place,
To be that honest.
And inappropriate you are,
For bringing attention to what we find appalling."

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