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Too Late
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Too Late


It's to late to take back everything you said
You told me we were through for good
Now your coming back on your knees saying that you need me
It's just a little too late
Crawling back to me
Those words you said to me were cold
You hurt me so bad
You want me back but its too late
On your knees you took my hand
I wanted to believe what you said
Cold hearted I pulled my hand away
It's a little too late wanting to apologize now
You told me you never wanted me again
Now you made yourself welcome in my home
Begging for me back saying you're sorry
Its just a little too late I cant accept
Begging me trying to hold me like you use to
I just pull away and I said
Why do you want me now?
Just so you can hurt me again?
Its too late wanting me back again
I gave you my heart and you just threw it around
Like I meant nothing at all
Its too late wanting me back
I can't have a broken heart cause it's already been broke
You find out it's a little too late
You see it's been threw between me and you
I found someone better than you
I shut the door and walked off
It's just too late for you
I'm so over you

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