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Too Late
JP (02/22/89 / )

Too Late

Poem By Jennifer Peckins

Just another lie
Not my mistaken theory
That you tried to cover so many times
The only thing that I ever saw clearly
Telling myself I’m not here
I always end up coming back
To arms that only welcome my pain and keep me
Stuck in this cold shallow trance
I push behind my eyes
All the words that were never said
Swallowing hard to forget it all
Anything to get it out of my head
Building up pressure that will someday release
Destroying all in my way
All who triggered, instigated, deserved it
Wishing they had stayed out of my face
It’s all too late
Now you’re calling for help
Proving your pathetic weakness
You could never accept the consequences and stand up for yourself
I don’t fear your screams
They only make me stronger
Knowing I have all the control
Will only keep me fighting longer

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