Too Late 'Lyrics'

Poem By Derek McCasland

It's too late,
Too late for you.
I'm fed up,
And now I'm through.

It's over now,
Bet you're sorry too.
My apathy
Should strangle you.

Walk away;
Nothing more to say,
Drift away;
You're in my way.

It's too late;
Too late for this.
I't too late, lady,
And I won't miss

The love that's gone,
While you're rolling on.
Where can you run?
Let's have some fun.....

And go to sleep;
Blessed sleep.
Rest your feet
Beneath this tree.

It's gone from me,
Yeah, it's gone with you;
Been ripped away
What can you do?

It's too late.....Too late for you.

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