Too Long On The Wrong Road

Searching I had been,
Too long on the wrong road.
Hoping my efforts,
Would be witnessed to be seen...
As attempts made,
To please others who noticed.
And from them approval,
I'd get to receive.

That was 'then'.
Not the 'now' in which I live in.
Those days are gone,
When being accepted...
Was a 'fix' I needed to get.

An addict with a self destructive,
Too long on the wrong road.
Thinking my dreams to wish and want,
Would appear if I did my best...
First to pass and please,
Whatever the tests I received.

Then one day early morning,
As I watched the dew...
Lift with the dawn to rise.
I realized my dreams to wish,
With them wanted...
Had nothing to do with who believed,
How much I desired them,
To see come true!

Too long on the wrong road.
I had been.

Hey you!
That's not where we're going.'

I know.
I'll get over it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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