Too Lose A Friend....

'I'm sorry, it's terminal.'

I look him in the eye
just to see if he's lying
but it's plain that
he isn't.

'Are you sure? ' I ask

'I'm afraid so' he replies.

This is just fantastic,
of all the news I could've done without hearing
today that has to be
top of the list,
if not top then a close second.

'Isn't there anything that
you can do? ' I beg.

'No, it's too far gone for that.'

After all the good times we shared together,
after all the fun he brought into my life,
I now feel helpless,
I can't save him
and he deserve's to be saved.

We've only been friends for
a short time but
he's come to be an important part
of my every day exsistance
and without him to keep me sane
I don't know what the hell I'd do.

Sometimes life just can't seem too wait
to kick you in the balls.

'So, what do you suggest? ' I enquire.

'Well..' he say's handing me the hard-drive
'I've managed to salvage that but the rest of it is going
to have to be brand new.....'

by Neil Gray

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