Too Many Downlow Who Are Lowdown

The only thing that upsets me,
About those scandalous allegations...
That involved my sexual preferences,
Minced with spicy homosexuality?
When at times I had wished,
Those rumors to be true!
But sex to me was just sex to do

Especially since my experience with it,
Bored me to tears to want and wish...
Someone would come forward to volunteer,
To show me what it is I am suppose to do.
With a leaving me to feel,
I have gained an expertise...
With the controversy too!

But there are too many downlow,
Who are low down and charading an honesty.
Or a maturity that masquerades.
Like children in a playground who pinch butts...
To then run away as if to be chased.
Or pretend to be righteous,
On bended knees to pray.

Didn't you have a lover? '

Of course.
I've had two wives too.
And your point is what?
I should be found fooling around,
Like the others with no scruples do?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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