DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Too Many Lies Kill A Life

Too many secrets too many lies
All the world’s umms and ahhs
Frequently flirtatious to those around me
Irresistible they must become, as the air around me is drenched with deceit.

Lies from birth up until now,
Mothers stories don’t match to fathers
Aunties and uncles have not a clue
Only slight memories of a little boy
Hiding under tables and chairs,
Scared to become snared into a families stare

All of them are laughing at me,
I have to watch what I say
Or be knocked down somehow someway
I believed their lies, upholstered my life
With their words, now I see there where receipts of deceit
That are now in throws of decay

From the pressures my world has now fallen asleep
Now im left with the task, how do I wake someone asleep in a dream
A tragic graze to the mind
My whole life is one lie
Why did they lie, what is it about me
Or when I was conceived
There’s a lot aplenty they are not telling me
Overtaking my visions of life im left breathing bubbles from a broiled broth of lies

I turn out the lights not to fall asleep
But to lay to rest one thing I cannot be
And that’s a lie masquerading as my life

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