Too Much...

Too much confusion
Too many tears
Too much hatred
Not enough love
Too much sorrow
After too many fights
We just can't seem to make it right

Chaos is everywhere, hanging heavy in the air
Frustration won't leave and it's too much to bear
Like I'm losing my mind
I feel like I'm running out of time

I love you, I promise it's true
But that isn't enough to hold me through
I need more support, for you to be on my side
I've got to get off this roller coaster ride

Another go could be too much
And I'm breaking more under your every touch

Too much at stake
Too many faked smiles
Too much given
Not enough returned
Too much pain
After so much disappointment
I just don't see how we could make this right


by Amanda Austin

Comments (1)

it screams out so much sadness and pain, regret and need for love. very powerfull only thing i would say is that it might be too simple in terms of its language. try more imagery, dont be afraid to use your imagination and paint us images with metaphors and similes to understand and feel the emotions more... :)