Too Much Coffee

my work plodding,
my head nodding
need a caffeine break...
This Java's so strong,
it won't be long
til I am wide awake

Now the buzz is kickin,
my heart is tickin
to a groovy latino beat
but then trembling hands,
there's too many bands
the music ain't so neat

can't concentrate,
eyes won't stay straight
brain flipping to and fro
a poem, an email,
biting my nails
don't know quite where to go

A cup of joe
is a dynamo
but can't last forever, you know.
and I'm calming right down
again on the ground
in fact, I'm starting to slow

my work again plodding,
my head again nodding
need another caffeine break...
But I'll kick this habit
my mug, I won't grab it
this fiend I'll just have to shake.


by Chuck Audette

Comments (6)

I can relate to this irksome habbit... So I've switched to 'decaff'... not sure who's fooling who though? ! Clever rhyming and witty wording! Love your sense of humour... g'nite? L
'Kaffee, Kaffee, Kaffee muss ich haben! ' - sung by Lieschen in J. S. Bach's Kaffee Kantate.
Very clever, Chuck. I certainly relate to this poem. But sometimes there's no such thing as 'too much' coffee. Gotta have it, gotta have it, gotta have it.
I know the feeling, I came back from shopping this morning and the first thing was - 'A Cup of Coffee' - then I was human again. Wonderful write. Thoroughly enjoyed the flavour. Love Ernestine XXX
How very Shel Silversteinish this one is...a wonderfully happy rythym, a beginning, middle and a fun surprising end, and a moral to the story all in a tight little package! Alot of fun, thanks :) ~peace~ Tara
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