YSV ( / Wales, UK)

Too Much Has Grown Between Us

The art of keeping a secret
While telling the truth…
I followed your instructions,
Suppressed my appetite for destruction,
Swallowed my pride and forgave.
Forgot the empty hole in my stomach,
Drew over the scars with bright colours
And wrote down every word.
Now I’m empty-
I force out the words
But it hurts to tell the truth.

The warm cradle of hypocrisy
Held me safe,
In blissful ignorance of love and hate
I rested,
Failed every test,
And laughed along
With everyone else
At myself.
But I was washed away
(Like all the rest)
By the wave of impossibility-
A new kind of,
Almost honesty.

All attempted truth is as empty
As the hollow flutter
Of angel wings-
A silent choir sings,
Mouthing lies as they kneel
On the stones.

I will paint the whole world cold,
Listen to the old lies retold,
And watch as we freeze to the bone.
My beautiful voice falls
We faced off, but never got
The secrets will be buried,
Rushed and hurried,
And lie untouched,
Unknown, forever.

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