Too Much Honesty Offends

We have spent the right time,
Doing the wrong things for too long.
Trying to be politically correct.
With the belief too much honesty offends.
Or what is openly expressed,
Should first undergo a thorough and extensive...
Editing process.
While believing children to be innocent,
When they are more aware...
Of the permitted decadence polluting the air.
And left to stroll on streets everywhere,
While witnessing images computerized.
ed to share without a care.
Yet cannot read or write their own names,
When shown to them to identify.
And the blame we place,
Is on their school teachers.
Too long accused,
For abusing undisciplined, unruly...
And disrespectful children.
Unable to sit and listen,
Like their parents didn't learn to do.

Then upset in protest,
What they've done to neglect...
Is expected a quick fix by police.
And elected officials to correct.
Who can not repeat enough that goes unheard.
That the garbage they prefer to eat daily,
Is prepared and served by no one else.
This garbage they feed upon has them addicted.
And ignorance is the weapon used,
They refuse to acknowledge...
That a quitting of it,
Would begin to end their sorrows.
But like all good advice given,
Folks not accustomed to following it...
Stay determined to argue,
Why would someone make such suggestions...
When everything done they attempt to do,
Seems always rejected whenever they protest...
Against those who say,
Their ignorance that remains unified...
Is not the best approach to get,
What they repeatedly demand and expect.
Especially when honesty.
And the truth of it,
They have yet to accept.
Or allowed it to become effective.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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