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Too Much Love Can Kill You.
YF ( / New Rochelle)

Too Much Love Can Kill You.

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

I’ve been thinking that perhaps too much love can kill you
That Jordan Sparks is wrong and it isn’t like getting a tattoo
I think maybe you give up a part of your soul
And the part is like a natural resource you never get back…like coal…

And then I thought that it goes a bit further than that
That love is a little like being in constant combat
Just like you’re never the same after losing a body part
You’re never the same after ripping out and giving away a piece of your heart

But I think that in the end it ends up being okay
Giving so much away..

And only because, maybe that’s what your suppose to do
And that’s maybe what I never knew
The only corny thing I have left unspoken
That maybe our hearts are meant to be broken

And still I think too much love could kill
That sooner or later you begin to hate its thrill

And that brings us to my revelation, that you don’t have any heart left after so much giving
And that maybe that’s the real reason some people stop living…

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