AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Too Much Of Nothing

When I was young
And had the taste life upon my tongue
Everything seemed so easy
Didn't take much to please me
I had so much to learn
Yet how many bridges did I burn
How many opportunities did I waste
Never knowing when I was aced
Too many games to play
Too many debts to repay
It was too much of nothing
No sign of grace
No slap in the face
Could make me feel the sting
It was too much of nothing
When I was twenty one
Didn't know the moon from the sun
Nothing seemed to matter
Never tasted from a silver platter
Don't know how many times I was chased
Running from things that can't be replaced
Didn't know which end was up
Or that I was drinking from a broken cup
Now I know, now I can show
It was too much of nothing
Now I can see, all that I can be
Not some bird with a broken wing
It was too much of nothing
And nothing is all it can bring

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