Too Tall

They say he’s well over six feet tall
But that’s when playing basketball,
Is he really head and shoulders above
Those that surround him when push comes to shove?

He always seems to chose members of his teams
That are pigmies, by all appearances it seems.
Both in stature and in mental abilities
They all seen to be Nature’s castoff shorties.

So when you hear someone say,
“He’s so intelligent, clear’s night and day.”
You know they are trying to deceiving us all,
For he’s not exceptional, and not really tall.

Cause he makes dumb mistakes,
as all of us do,
But most of us acknowledge the facts,
that’re obvious to me and you,
While he just goes along on a clueless path
Ignoring the counsel that would avoid all the wrath.

Some say that its his plan to change the road that we’re on
And implement change before the chance’s gone.
But if he’s so smart why can’t he see
That we like it just fine, and let it be..


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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