Too Well Known

So many now are attempting to defend themselves,
Out of situations they have created.

So many are in denial their activities,
Have placed them in jeopardy.
And today they seek others to see them differently.
They wished erased what they can not face.
With a replacement of something that is not so ugly.
But it is much too late for an empathy to them to be shown!

Their 'realities' inflicted upon others...
Has been too well known!
And I could care less,
About their refreshed and awakened points of view.
There has been too many yesterdays,
That much agony they have put me through.
And you too!

And based upon that alone...
They will find I am not the forgiving kind!
You can decide for yourself,
What it is you should do.
And please do not allow what I say,
To influence you.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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