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Too Young
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

Too Young

Yes, I known you for a while and yes I have deep feelings for you. Yes,
I do feel that what your are saying is true. Nothing can stop the feelings that I have for you.
Your kiss is like the softesrt thing I've ever touch. Oh, somebody tell me why I like you so much.
When where alone I know you will always be there for me even when I'm gone. The love between the both of us is way to stronge.
At times I feell that we can not be alone. Emotion and feelings run wild. I know you and I will make love some how.
The smallest kiss makes my hole body shake. In my mind I keep thinking about all the love that we will make.
You touch me, I touch you, were both touching, but I know I can't get to close to you.I don't wan't to end up stuck with a bady
But these feeling I'm having is driveing me crazy. I know I am to young, but hate to say it.
You know exactly what your doing with your tounge. I don't want to soil something that look so fun,
I am so confuse, I don't know what to do.Should I give my virginerty to you?

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