Too Young To Be An Angel (A Poem On Abortion)

Lonely little angel
Got her wings so young
She never opened up her eyes
Killed from an abortion

Little missy lovely
Such a face we'll never see
Directed right up to the heavens
Life was never meant to be

Too young to be an angel
Too young to never dance
If she was not aborted
She just may have had a chance

A death that has no funeral
A death that has no wake
A life that could've made a change
A life that death just had to take

The eyelids will not open
The body will not grow
The face frozen in heaven-
Way too young to be an angel

by Stephen Denny Paul White

Comments (1)

That was a very powerful poem. Unfortunately abortion steals away too many lives and aborts so much potential. It's a shame. But I liked your poem and I think you have a lot of potential! Keep it up! -Michael