Tool Of Those Foolish

You've turned your back on me?
Not once but on several occasions.
Am I suppose to be offended?
Or amused.
Which do you prefer?

If you were not so quick to do this,
You would notice...
My happiness is not offended at all,
By your actions.
Nor did it come with your signature on it.
It didn't.

Someone must have told you,
By the doing of this...
You would get my attention,
With an overdose of curioisty?
I will admit this...
I am curious as to why,
Someone would display publicy...
Such childish stupidity.

Whoever it is that advises you,
To do the immature things you do...
I would suggest you request,
Less feeding of fiction.
And more digesting of facts.
You will become surprise...
How much aware of life you will then become.
With the stopping of your doing of that.

Trust me.
There is so much to be gained,
By living life...
Not to be used as a tool,
Of those foolish and so obvious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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