Toothpick Uses

Poem By jasmine maddock

A walking cane for the pixie men
Or those tentative at sword fencing lesson
First stage before moving on to a needle
Which can be fashioned if you make a hole
At the thick end. Ideal if scared of metal
Not if worried by wood. Or a seagull
Who makes a stylish nest to kip in
Up there altitude low maintenance, stilts high
So make some room from toothpicks to be taller
Or if you have normal-stilt vertigo. On we go-
I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine baby
Don't want to touch them putrid human mauler
Scratch them with toothpick to keep the distance
The collect them up to make a garden fence for snails
Or walk the plank for ants. Great fun, yes.

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Hi Jas I enjoyed reading some of your poems here: o) . This poem had me thinking of getting some sword fencing lessons now! Lovely poem, thanks for sharing! Coll

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