JG (1879-? / )

Top Billing...

A cast of thousands- MILLIONS(maybe more)
Just wait till you see the things we have in store..

The Red Sea parted like a 50 cent haircut!

Marvel at angel choirs
and their toy pianos!

Christians devoured by lions!

The Blues massacaring the Grays!

The Whites massacaring the Browns!

People eating processed meat
from styrofoam containers! !

A cast of thousands- millions maybe more!

In which you too can play!
You won't even have anything to say...

A walk on role, all we ask!
And you too, in the spotlight can bask!

Just stroll on by..
Oggle at murders, and heartbreak, and unrighted wrongs.
Sit silently and watch as whole nations fall.
(but please try not to stare in the camera too long,
youre not the star afterall) .

Try not to speak or improvise,
just play it by the script.
Don't ask any questions 'why? '
Play it like it was writ.

Nevermind all the schisms.
The author's a great man- on the whole
just a little bad on the nepotism,
(He gave his son the starring role) .

His exit scene really had no equal
(There's talk he might come back for a sequel)

Don't worry..
Fantastic deaths await you!
One that will really ignite the screen.
The likes of which you have never seen.

Tidalwaves and tumors,
a mushroom cloud or two.
You could die in a concentration camp
(well, maybe if you were a Jew) .

Ok! Now everybody...places!
So good to see so many faces-
Don't forget to align yourself with a faction
As we go...
Lights! Camera! ACTION!

A cast of millions, BILLIONS, maybe more..
Lets see if we can put this thing in the can!
We just need one more really big war!

*(There will be a catered buffet on the set)


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joe, this is why i dont watch the news, i like the poem a lot, im reading something that kinda goes with this................if you wont to read it just let me know............