Top Dollar

It is to be witnessed.
An arrogance chipping away,
To sever itself from a dependency.
With an ego to have believed,
Operating from a competent mind.
Even those supporting this kind craze,
Find themselves amazed they have endorsed...
This as a representation.
To have endorsed to present,
Common sense at its best to reflect.
A mindset to respect and kept,
Accepted and approved.
Although privately,
Few will admit their commitment.
Or acknowledge their support,
Had been with a consciousness endorsed.
Since more important to them,
Is the keeping up with public opinion.
And those who pay top dollar,
For their pretensions to be kept intact.
When money to get and have is in the mix.
Who doesn't want to be part of the act.
Knowing more of it is theirs to get.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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