Top Honors

I 'use' to wish this,
But I didn't attend...
Or graduate,
Like a few I once knew...
From the,
'Do What You Can To Impress Me School'.
And I was bullied and bullied too.
Back then we were taught,
That's what kids do.

So if it does appear that I am uncouth,
Attribute that to my rude and inconsiderate attitude.

And I know it's not cool,
But trust me...
Where I come from challenges are confronted,
There were few I knew who chose to run.
That was not done.

And I was among those students,
Who fought to receive top honors.
With a validating of my street props.
And no tears did I then drop,
Since mom and pop use to brag...
About butts they kicked,
To have the bulleying stopped.

In those days...
Children played and competed,
On many levels of reality to face.
With a learning how in this world...
To grow.
And up,
In an environment of hands-on teachers,
With fists to leave unmistakable lessons.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

I really like this one, though I never received top honours in anything I have did. I went through about everything you listed. Being a kid is hard, but being an adult is harder. Probably not as true this day and age. But when I was growing up it stood true to form. And the lesson learned have been engraved into my very soul. They are a part of me I can never deny. With a remembrance comes a tear in my eye. And it burns but needs to be their. To show I still can feel. To show things are still real. An emotion that fits as if it was special tailored just for me. But I know its not and instead of keeping it inside it should taught. Passed on and never forgot. A way to fix a heart. Thanks for writing this one.