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Top Ranking Soul.

Top ranking soul.
Top ranking soul,
Like Iam bringing that day up,
Are you the story tell,
So much to say and perceive of the World,
He led the star to the Resurrection,
Prettify this to a man that is so just,
Ain’t life all unfair?
To say that my soul suffered enough,

Top Ranking is this thought,
The thoughts those are so elegant and exuberant,
This is the Top Ranking,
In a World that is into ruins and making,
See me by the world that is so philosophical,
Keep crying in my solitude,
Why did he lead me in the Right Direction?
To tell me that Maturity is the Basic Fact that we all neglect,
Top Ranking,
This is the attacks from Political Regime,
To the attacks that we are on a real hard ride on.

by maxpoet beauty

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