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Who goes climbing over my fence
a neighbor boy, not past ten
I want no one here, save me
to be left alone I want to be

Why should I care your ball landed
over my fence, and into my yard
I'll have none of this, I say
so hurry up and on your way

What, you stumbled on your knee
what that has to do with me?
Oh alright, come on in
mind the dog, my only friend

You can't stay indefinitely
but sit, albeit briefly
no one's been here in many years
the product of an old man's fears

You say my house looks much like yours
with walls of pictures, wooded floors
I didn't know you have baseball cards
we used to trade them in the park

Yes, I was as young as you
here's a picture in my youth
Oh, your granddad looks much the same
what again was your last name?

I remember when I was your height
some time ago, in a different light
Oh! You can hit a ball so far
that it seems to reach the stars

You remind me of my namesake
he promises to visit someday
even though we're not best friends yet
I clearly see a pattern set

Look, young man, come back again
we'll play the games we played back then
I'm glad for this thing we started
and that your ball found its way
in my back yard

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