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Torment, Left Behind

They tormentes and harassed us.
They laughed in our faces,
As if it was funny what they were doing,
As if we had no feeling,
As if we wanted to come here,
Like we were sticks being thrown in a fire.
We didn't want to come here,
We were forced out of our homes.
Leaving our dreams, hopes,
And future all behind.
There was never any thing to do,
No one to talk to
No games, no fun.
I guess I was always bored,
But I was mostly just scared.
One day this will be over,
And things will be normal
But after this there is no normal.
But after this there is no normal,
Not wanting to be close to anyone,
Afraid they would soon die,
Afraid I would soon die.
Hurting the person I loved.
I was scared of life,
More than I was scared of death.
We just hope this will all be over soon.

by Amanda Kieling

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