I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused,
then Mum says' go back to school!
.'Oh! but Mum, do I have to,
everyone can be so cruel! So back to school

by sylvia spencer Click to read full poem

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from one dyslexic to another...a pat on the back for both of us...we sure have come a long way...please read 'the struggle that made me'...thats my story...i hope my message reaches millions of dyslexics the world over...'nothing is impossible...its all in the just have to teach yourself differently because you are wired differently'...lets blow each others computers a flying has given us so much confidance...a helping friend...always and hugs...nalini
Sylvia, I relate to this completely - been there, done that. A great write, thanks...
I understand this oh so well, but lets just look at the facts here.Since working in a school I have noticed that some of the brightest and most creative people find spelling a chore, Why! 'Oh they just are' has never been an answer to me.I have become more and more aware that there are those that challenge the logic of any language.Maybe subconciously, but challenge it all the same.There are certain rules that we can follow that may be of some help but beyond this the only way that we can remember the wording is by memory along. Like trying to see the word as a picture.If a word does not make sense and our brain is set to callenge it then we will fall on many obsticales along the way.Some people will not question the way in which a word is written and will just remember it's formation of letters.But some will question things like silent letters and many words that we have adapted from different languages.Is good spelling the right spelling or one that we have taught our brains to follow so as not to be left behind?
You really describe the agony of school life for a dislexic well here. I can't imagine the sorrow you must have gone through. I am a dreadfull speller myself. How wonderful that you overcame all that and turned into a fantastic writer. It's kind of like, sticking your two fingers up at them and good for you! Love Gyp's
Beautiful Sylvia! ! This is such an inspiring poem for anyone struggling with school...and yes, many young people do read poetry here. So nice to see you back. I look forward to more from you. Sincerely, Mary
Sylvia, this is a brilliant poem. Very well crafted and so full of meaning. Thanks. H