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Tormented And Demented

I am tormented by my demented thoughts
They are like a fever that consumes the whole body
Then I pass my torment on to others through
demented actions
Killing, butchering, wounding, and harming others
These actions make me guilty
And so I run
Never stopping,
Never loving,
Never caring
I've lost all feeling in my life
There is no room for love
No room for hate
I am now just a murderer living in his quake
Striving for redemption and holding on to life
Though my life is already gone, already lost
Like my feeling
I am a murderer
A soulless being
I am existent, yet not
My life not worth living
Now I am gone forever,
Never to be seen
Never to have been loved
Never to have truly lived

by Candice LeBlanc

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