Tormenting Yourself, Privately

It is not my thought,
To see you banging your head...
Against brick walls.
That is not my thought,
For you at all.
While you bang your head,
From one wall to another...
You have a front and back door...
To leave through either one to pick,
Whenever you wish to exit...
From thoughts you think I might have,
Of seeing you trying to prove to me...
And others you made to believe,
I was the one from things you have done...
To be out of my mind and crazed.

Go ahead.
Don't let me stop you from accusing me,
Of being the reason your own misdeeds...
Have returned to haunt and taunt you.
Evil is as evil does to self-inflict.
By now you should know this.

'Why? Why are you here?
And how did you get in? '

Through an unexpected open back door.
Oh well...
I did come to express my forgiveness.
But I did not expect,
Such a personalized apology to get.
Should I leave the back door open?
With the keys still in the lock?

'Haven't you tormented me enough? '

Those are your thoughts.
My own to keep to feel relief,
Are no longer in need to be expressed.
Thank you.
I'll leave you tormenting yourself,
And by the way...
You could have easily have said,
I'm sorry!

Are evil, evil, evil.'

Those are your thoughts.
Not mine.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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