PP (03/06/1959 / Chicago)


My feelings are so torn apart
I want to do what's in my heart
I want to support him in his troubled times
To help him while he's in his prime

To help point him in the right direction
And yet give him a mother's affection
He's so child-like in so many ways
Knows not of the worldly ways
He lives for the day in a careless way
He'll let his pride get in the way

The decisions he has made
Has filled him with self-conviction
They put him in a dark place
Where he feels alone and misplaced

His heart is truly beautiful
He has a smile from ear to ear
His actions are so innocent
He means no harm or fear

He knows what he wants to be
Someone who deserves much greatness
Someone he can be proud to be
But he has some things to address

So I'll stand by, watch him sink or swim
It'll hurt him more if he learns nothing

I'll let him know that I am here
And comfort him when
Things are not what they appear

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