Poem By Thai Chung

Feelings torn
Secrets I have sworn
Not telling anyone
Only wanting to help everyone

Not sure what I did was right
Not sure if she is alright
Not really caring what has happen to me
Not even when I go all tingly

My heart throbs to hear
Her sad tears
Not being able to do anything
Makes me feel like I’m dying

To hear her say I’m not sure
Makes me feel so insecure
I’m not sure about myself
My feelings are like a falling bookshelf

Falling, falling, falling down
Into a dark obsess, only to drown
Trying not to thinking about it no more
Only hoping for some cure

Compensating with mere hugs
Remembering times when I used to catch firebugs
Thought about turning to drugs…
Thinking about being beaten by thugs

Not sure what to do
Possibly thinking of a redo
Hoping to rescue you
But only failing to save you

I hoped our friendship was strong
That it would prolong
But now that friendship has seem to sunk
I definitely feel like I want to get drunk

To drown the sorrow that is there
Only hoping that she knew I care
Just hoping this is just a stupid nightmare
But only to be falling into despair

Comments about Torn

a soliloquy of verses..deep thoughts of self emotion..well penned..A10 Ency Bearis

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