Torn Asunder

Poem By Devin Iven

I sit here quietly, contended and content.
Just another dreary day, my mind full of dissent.
But something odd is taking place, a chemical reaction.
And deep inside my mind, I can feel the warring faction.

It comes out of the blue, a sudden too sharp hum.
Somewhere in your mind, you can hear the beating drum.
Then faster than a scram jet, smashing into a tower.
You are completely overwhelmed. A victim to it's power.

Now all you hear is screaming, external though it be.
After a seconds contemplation, I realize it's from me.
But lost am I, inside this pain, this agony abhorrent.
Collapse, grip tight the knife. Does my suicide this warrant?

Writhe and squirm despondent. Tear your hair away.
But nothing you do saves you. Teeth too clenched to pray.
Fall into your mind. Tear your consciousness in two.
Watch yourself die slowly, weeping bursts out anew.

After what seems like forever. You come back up for air.
You feel the sweat pour off you, too exhausted to care.
Alone you lay there sobbing. At least for now it's done.
Before the next one hits me. I'll go load up my gun.


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