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Torn But Reborn...
TS (7/28/87 / California)

Torn But Reborn...

Poem By Trevor Schulte

Why do you still yourself
in the tread marks of the past
bringing back bittersweetness
in memories you beg not to last
So much torment and suffering
blinding your futuristic eyes
with the remembering
that you wish you could deny
All the hope that is in you
that you look to
is erased in a new picture
that your past drew
Is it that hard to abandon
a past so dark
lighting the near future
with a brand new spark
Must you dwell in despair
with feelings unfair
and lose the promising hope
of a faithful prayer
Need you break your own heart
with a past written in pen
or start on a clean slate
with a simple amen
My dearest friend
who remains distraught
Don't you realize
your second chance was bought
I beg you to see
with eyes of not your own
but to see a future
where you're never alone
For the day you're reborn
those clothes you had worn
will be cleansed of despair
as the new oath is sworn
For my Messiah, Jesus Christ
wants to be your Lord
and begin a relationship
with your sight being restored
So let go of the baggage
that weighs your spine
passing your burdens
to the Back of the Divine

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I could identify myself with your poem. It's like reading and remembering my hurt all over again. It sure is inspirting.