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Torn In Between

I thought I was strong
And that nothing could go wrong

I thought I had forgotten you
I replaced you for somebody new

I thought I moved on from the past
But that thought did not last

I locked your memories far away
I just knew that you were not gonna stay

You left without saying goodbye
All the things you said was a lie

I fell in love with someone new
Cause I thought I was over you

Now you're here once again
You're back to give me hell and pain

I realise how much you've hurt me
Now I can finnaly see

But no matter how hard I try
I still think of you and cry

I love him and still love you to
But I just don't know what to do

Where do I go from here
Nothing seems to be clear

Im torn between the two
The two of you

by Jess Zapata

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I agree. A very nice write indeed. Good work.