CS (8-15-89 / Wyoming)

Torn Pages

What is it like to be lost within yourself?
To be torn from a world and
be placed in one in which no one knew existed?
Its like a brand new book with torn pages,
and you read it, and you cant understand it,
for the pages that are torn, are incomplete,
so does this mean, you are incomplete?
You cant fill in the torn pages,
so does this mean you can not fill in the rest of you?
That your never going to know the whole you,
and neither will any one else?
The torn pages confuse you, you dont understand it.
so does this mean, you confuse everyone else?
and you dont understand anything at all?
or is it just you thinking you are confusing others?
and you thinking your not understanding everything?
When you try to finish the book,
and you try to fill in the blanks,
and are unsuccessful, does this mean
that every thing you do is unsuccessful,
for you can not fill in the torn pages?
so you cant fill in you, and if you are not whole then what are you?

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