Copper No Hoper

When on my pillow I lay my head
Processing a thousand thoughts, a billion dreams
Sifting through loaves of bread
Gratitude sprouts and my mouth screams.

When in my office I award grades
For assignments scribbled in a chicken handwriting
Wrath chokes my throat to discard tirades
That my eyes hurt, what a fluffy feeling.

When on my lap Mike plays and stays
Joy deploys into my heart in every part
I stroke Mike who prays
For my sanity everywhere to dart.

When in my town poverty hits my eyes
Sorrow sips into my mind and I wonder if copper
Serves any purpose in Zambian skies
When a widow or an orphan becomes a no hoper.

by John Sensele

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See Hoagland, Dark Mission, p.108. Maxwell is describing the precession (wobble) of spinning objects, which apparently releases unknown energies from a 4th dimension, as in the strange surfeit of energy output from the planet Jupiter. The son of Maia is Hermes (Mercury) . Pearies are male children (boys) , or their spirits, I believe, from the Latin Pueri in the title. The energies released by precessional spin is a vast topic in 20th century experimental physics, especially in Russia.