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Torture Time
SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

Torture Time

I feel frozen in time, refusing to move ahead
cant get you off my mind, your existence i cant forget
people tell me not to cry, but thats hard for me not to do
to be strong believe me i try, but i lost a piece of me when i lost you
remembering the things we used to do, the games we used to play
how can i start a new, knowing things can no longer again be that way
i miss your presence beside me, i miss seeing you fall asleep
its so hard to face reality, it hurts and that is why i weep
God chose to take you now, so who am I to disagree
but i feel anger inside somehow, cause you're no longer here with me
I'm going crazy inside, so I could just imagine your wife
she must be losing her mind, because she lost the love of her life
i hope that you're okay, in heaven and all is well
those are words I never thought i'd say, but I have to face that you're gone.

D: N.F.L. aka Rabbit

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