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Tory Charms-Cauchy3
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Tory Charms-Cauchy3

Tory charms…
City lights to horses are mounted.
Gal in offices clacks the clouds.
Jungle jousting clam are smack.
Civil rigs are Tory charms.

Logger feet have beats and songs.
Flying sixty-six are low.
Fine as wines and eat a child.
Cauchy3 will eat the cheese with smiles.

P.L.A. has sins to eat my acorns.
Easy virtues help the accords.
Eat the lunches in boxes at years.
Cauchy3 will lighten well on ease.

Cauchy3 will eat the burger furs.
Tory earners bribe the wages.
Eyes to eyes are lame as ducks.
Five in dollars cadre tasked.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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