S ( / NYC)

Tossed In My Face

How can you do this
I have known you for years
I was so in love with you
I tried to deny it
I tried to keep it within
I never wanted to get hurt
so I avoided love
I thought how is it
that I could ask you
to love me
if I can not even love myself
and now
you say to me
that you were so in love with me
all this time
I tried to avoid love not to get hurt
but I missed out on so much
but why is it ypu tell me this now
when you are taken
you tossed it in my face
like it was a joke
do you not see that it hurt me
I tried to joke it off
but all I wanted to do was cry
I just wanted to fall apart
you just kept talking
like you had said nothing
you just kept walking
I almost stopped
frozen in place
and you just kept walking
talking and joking around like nothing
well I tried to keep up
as my heart from shattered from within
with those few words
I realized just how much I missed out on
I realized just how empty I am without love

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This happens thru out life. It never get's an easier, just keep the faith and never give up! This is a very nice piece it captures a moment in time! Keep it up :) Tygrr