VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Totall Darkness

I see how dark comes
I see it over the hill
I see it gouse by river side
I see how it absorbse houses of medievil
I see how it comes

But I never seen how it runs back to were it came from
Wot hapens at night
Wot hapens to us

Wot`s hapening in forest
Wot`s swiming in sea
Wot comes to life in castle
Wot walks outside the house

Is it gouste
Is it demon
or is it death witch came to kill me

We dont know wot will hapen then we open the door to dark
Maby it`s gate to hell
Maby it`s gate to oathers side
Maby it`s something wot we have never seen before

We thing that we dont fear anything
But there allways apears infront of us
Wo makes us freez
Wo makes us think of life
Wo makes us run from cowerdy

Is it fear?

How can you explain it
How can you say that you have no fear

Then you know that something in dark awaits you
Untill you open your door

To dark side
To dungeon
Were something is waiting for you to come
From were you wount comeback ever again

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