CLM (April 4th,1953 / Montgomery, AL)

Totems Lost

An orange ball sun sets
as a green streak explodes.
Lava rock, palm leaves, and breeding whales
crest, then submerge
into subconscious levels. Negro
clear crystal waters, energy
dispersed, chilled chi waivers.

Terra homo sapien bellies
lay supline on wood floating, earth
sealed by lava fires, chilled with
trade winds returning. Rivers ran
red as man prevailed over Gods
and nature. Sharks now swimming
backwards, humans rise into darkened
skies, green only a mirage,
a pretense, omens forgotten
in totems lost.

by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Comments (3)

A powerful write Cheryl! ! A pleasure indeed to read! ! *10*! ! ! Thank you for sharing! Best regards, Friend Thad
couple things, Cheryl dear... possible rename - Totem's loss...? or have no apostrophe in the title (totems lost) . Great poem. Vividly condensed. green: only a mirage, a pretense. Omens forgotten in totems lost. the poem accompanied by the background, information in the forum enriches it even moreso. best care, sjg
Very observant poem! good work!