Poem By Hollie McDaniel

He touched me
I shuttered
and moved out of his reach
it hurt
my skin turned red
from the poison on his hand
it stung
as though someone was sticking me
with thousands of little pins
it burned
turning my arm to ash
as though it was wood
i screamed
hoping someone will hear me
and come to me rescue
i prayed
that maybe my prince would show
with the perfect antidote
a new touch
i shutter
but not out of pain
i move closer
into his warm embrace
he holds me
cooling the burning of my sensitive skin
he kisses me
taking away all the pain
of the past
i loath
the hurt
the stinging
the burn
its gone
leaving nothing but love
for my night in shining armour

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smooth........say of first touch! lovely dear! ! keep writing

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