Poem By William Ndoyisile Somenze


touch my heart so full of glass,
dont do it much for it may break,
do it with no much mass,
at your finger tips.
touch it gently

touch its palms and leave it calm as a psalm,
make no touch you touch me with leave me frail,
or hurt me as you turn pale as ghost,
when you break me like pieces of broken glasses on the floor,
let your touch be like shackle of chains-never part with my heart.

touch me with lips full of facts,
and no lies quoth'd(said, spoken) ,
with a heart full of affection,
not affectations.

touch me and let your touch leave a mark,
when infinity comes,
so that i can hold on to it like a spark,
that your love forever in my heart will glisten,
touch me with a touch full of sound,
that forever with it i shall be fond,
and my deaf ears can solely enjoy to listen.

touch me, touch my heart,
with a touch that will create an illuminant bond,
one that doesnt come to be feeble and leave brokeness,
deep inside me.

let it be not as weak as a hydrogen bond.
give me the first touch...
that will forever last.

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