Let’s Reason Together

God’s bidding all before His throne
In spite of spot and flaw
Whilst man is oft a stumbling stone
Sharing burdens galore

We talk with marbles stuffed in cheek
We stand aloof and cold
Preaching, teaching the lost and weak
What ought or not be told

We raise our voice with pious phrase
Uttering words divine
Yet see God’s sheep these latter days
Refuse our bread and wine

“You can’t do this, that’s not allowed
You can’t wear this or that”
Whilst Heaven calls both man and crowd
With welcome on the mat

We disregard God’s mighty word
We disregard His laws
We disregard the facts we’ve heard
Behind religious doors

We prophecy in aisle and pew
In red and gold we pray
Telling God’s children what to do
With every known cliché

The church should speak as Christ would do
Like children on the street
Should walk The Walk that others too
May rise with joy complete

Welcoming all to come inside
Though saint or common whore
Let Jesus be our Lord and guide
Toward our Father’s Door

by Michael P. Johnson

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