Touch Me

She is too scared to touch me
Shy and timid you can see
I'm not scared to touch -
The soft skin I like so much
In my heart there is a place
Where I hold her pretty face
I want to comprehend her mind
And all the secrets I'll find
I would like to touch her all day
In a gentle and soft way
I'd like to touch her all night
Under the stars so bright
I wish she would just reach out for me
I'd feel her hand, so lovely
I wish she would touch me night and day
In a caring and knowing way
My wish is easy to comprehend
My wish is easy to defend
My wish is to go hand in hand
A hug, a touch, would be so grand
She touches me in my mind
I think of her most of the time
I hope my dream comes true before I'm old
She could just grab me and hold, hold, hold!!!

by Dominick Chianese

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