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Touch Me
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Touch Me

Words usually flow so easy for me,
That now I'm trying very hard, to explain what you've grown to mean to me.

Through our words we've shared so much,
But sometime's I feel as though I'm setting myself up.

For disappointment and pain,
And loss without gain,
And I know I can't get through that again.

You've opened my eyes to the beautiful side,
That men seem to have but not show.

Touch me in my heart, is what you have done,
And not through favor's or promised loved.

You've extended your hand in friendship, not trust.
However, I've given you both and it's the most I've ever done.

Not once in my life have I been able to see,
More of a man then he has of me.

Touch me through your words is what you have done,
And given me something that I will treasure now and for years to come.

Never in my heart did I try and see my pain,
It's just to soon and now it's slowly melting away.

Will I ever love again,
This I'm unsure,
But if ever there was a chance,
You would be the first at the door.

Dedicated to Joe, whom has given me so much and become the best friend I could ever have! ! ! !

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